Is Your Business Leveraging Addressable GEO Fencing To Hyper-Target Active Prospects?

With GEO fencing, your business can create a digital barrier to track active customers in any chosen location.

GEO Targeting shows consumers your ads in specific areas. It then follows them online to their favorite websites and social networks, creating more touchpoints for your business to build brand authority. You can GEO fence your business to target consumers anonymously shopping and fence other locations, events, public gatherings, or tradeshows.

GEO Targeting

Are You Optimizing For Competitive GEO Fencing?

Take your digital barrier and place it around all your local or national competition.

Through competitive GEO Fencing, we can target prospects who visit or search for your competitors and present your ads to them instead. All the activity gained through GEO targeting is trackable. This allows your business to have more data compiling who your ideal prospects are.


Once we have a profile of your ideal target audience, we can then get to work on expanding your marketing reach.

Technical Foundations

GEO Targeting can be integrated with all the other marketing strategies we have to offer for an unstoppable digital force.

Buyer’s Journey

Consumers searching for your products and services will continue to see your ads even after they leave your store or website.

Home Field Advantage

With GEO targeting, your business will continuously grow and expand with new data to be optimized, leading to more effective marketing campaigns.
GEO Targeting

Let Us Help You Position Your Business For The Best Results Online!

With the experience and knowledge from the Badger Digital Marketing Solutions Team, we can ramp up your current marketing strategy through hyper-targeting active prospects searching for your products, services, or competitors. Allow your business to take full advantage of digital barriers to capture new sales.
  • GEO Targeting is the #1 add-on for all our clients due to how powerful it is.
  • The applications of what you can target are endless.
  • Do we really need to say more?