Is Your Business Leveraging The Top Search Engines For Marketing Automation?

Search Campaigns can be built to increase your brand authority, website traffic, generate leads, improve your search rank, and drive sales.

Whether your search strategy is based on location, demographics, consumer interests, Google, YouTube, and Bing allow your business to hyper-target active prospects searching for your products and services by placing your ad at the top of the search results page.

Search Engine Marketing

Are You Optimizing Your Search Strategy On A Weekly Basis?

Search marketing is fundamental to local and national marketing strategy and needs to be continuously monitored to be efficient.

When finely tuned, the search engines will reward your efforts with lower costs per acquisition, lead, or conversion. This allows your business to reach consumers most likely to be interested in your products and services. Not only does this position your business better online, but it opens more opportunities to market on search, maps, mobile devices, tablets, and other websites.


Competitor Analysis is the most vital step to begin search engine marketing. We can create a snap-shot of what is working in the marketplace now.

Technical Foundations

Once we have a collection of your targeting information, we can then craft the best message to showcase your business to the right buyers online.

Buyer’s Journey

With search we are able to hyper-target your industry-specific keywords and customer intent on a local or national campaign level placing your ad in front of those active buyers.

Home Field Advantage

With increasing data from our other marketing strategies, we can position your business better online.
Search Engine Marketing

Let Us Help You Position Your Business For The Best Results Online!

With the experience and knowledge from the Badger Digital Marketing Solutions Team, we can take your search marketing strategy to its full potential. Due to the changing nature of search marketing, search engines, and keyword rankings, your business needs a reliable team to manage all your campaigns and marketing strategy effectively. By doing so, over time, your business will spend less on customer acquisition and new business development.
  • 81% of people search online for a product or service. (GWI)
  • 65% of people click on ads when making purchases. (WordLead)
  • Search marketing is for local and national companies in B2B and B2C markets.
  • We’ve driven success for thousands of businesses in more than 100 markets across the nation.
  • Leverage A.I. Learning and Marketing Automation to enhance your search marketing results.