Is Your Business Leveraging An Optimized And Responsive Website?

For a website to be optimized, it needs to function as a fully automated Sales, Customer Service, and Recruitment machine.

An optimized website is the most crucial first impression for prospects narrowing down their search journey. A well-established website helps capture your audience’s intent in every phase of the buyer’s journey. Whether it’s informational regarding the company, educational on your products or services, or applicable to how your solutions can help their particular needs, this will strategically lead prospects to a confident buying decision.

Web Development

Are You Optimizing Your Digital Assets?

Your Digital Assets are a connected online experience for actively searching prospects in the marketplace.

This includes your website, social media, organic search rankings, marketing strategy, and brand awareness. All of these assets need to be integrated and automated, so your business is continuously presenting to active prospects searching online 24/7.


Every website should be built with the marketing strategy in mind, so it has a functional design, excellent user experience, visual appeal that answers consumer’s intent and acts as a guide through the search process.

Technical Foundations

A website isn’t complete unless it has the proper On-page, Technical, and Off-Page SEO built into it that’s continually managed and optimized. Along with all the Lead Tools, Analytics, Tracking, Monitoring, and Website Security.

Buyer’s Journey

Positioning your digital assets in an optimized way helps navigate consumers of your products and services by bridging the gaps of their intent.

Home Field Advantage

When your website is optimized and responsive in its design, it reinforces your marketing strategy to gain better results. It better positions your business for paid marketing channels and organic rankings.
Web Development

Let Us Help You Position Your Business For The Best Results Online!

With the experience and knowledge from the Badger Digital Marketing Solutions Team, we can create a custom-tailored website that is search optimized, responsive, and modern. Along with other Digital Solutions Suite options, you can optimize your business, so it’s capturing more traffic, more leads, predictable conversions, and long-term customers 24/7.
  • A modern look and feel
  • Responsive to all screen sizes and optimized loading times
  • Analytics, a.i. integrations, hosting, security, and reputation management (when bundled with website management services)
  • Local, national, competitor monitoring and tracking (when bundled with website management services and seo)
  • Search optimized with an integrated content strategy (when bundled with seo)
  • Integrated marketing automation strategy (when bundled with marketing add-on’s)